Renting/letting/leasing a space FAQ (Landlord)

How do I rent or lease my house/space?

Renting/letting/leasing a space or dwelling is one of the most complex, distracting, and time consuming processes for landlords/home owners/brokers/letting agents/property managers. Besides renting/letting/dwelling/leasing a space, you should also be aware of pre- and post-renting liabilities. There are many factors involved in leasing or renting a space. Before going further, the foremost thing is to determine if you are serious about renting/letting/leasing the space.

Who are the vital people involved in renting/letting/leasing a space or dwelling?

Brokers, realtors, letting agents, home owners, land lords, and property managers.

When can I rent/let/lease my space or dwelling?

As owner of the space or dwelling, you can rent/let/lease the space or dwelling any time you wish.

What doI have to do if I have decided to rent/let/lease my space or dwelling?

Once you have decided to rent/let/lease your space or dwelling, you can do so by yourself or you can hire professional rent brokers/letting agents/property management companies, etc. who have knowledge and experience in renting/letting/leasing spaces.

Who can rent/let/lease my space or dwelling?

Any prospects who are looking for a lease or rent can lease or rent your property.

As owner of the property, you can rent/let/lease your space or dwelling by yourself to a prospective renter or you can hire a professional broker/agent who can rent/let/lease your space or dwelling. An expert recommends that there is a lot of difference between renting by owner and renting by professionals. Professionals could make the difference in a smooth leasing arrangement because they know the leasing rules and regulations of your area. Renting/letting/leasing of space or dwellings must follow the governing laws.

When is the right time to rent/let/lease my space?

There is no right time or wrong time to rent/let/lease a space or dwelling. It all depends on your motivation, your interest, and time frame.

Should I do repairs and other improvements before posting a house for rent advertisement?

Yes, you must do all the necessary repairs and repaint the entire place. All the equipment should be in working condition. If possible make available all other amenity information such as banks, transportation, shopping center, hospital, schools, etc.

Can I set monthly rent and lease terms?

Yes, any space for lease has monthly rental terms and terms of lease. Generally short leasing periods (month to month) are more costly than a longer lease. In most cases, a lease will be for one year and one month’s rent will be collected as a deposit.

Do I have to follow the leasing government rules?

Yes, you must follow your local/geographical rules from day one of your advertisement until the expiry of lease. Please contact your local agency and other governing entities and find out the rental rules, advertisement guidelines, and other rental related solicitations.

What will happen if I do not met the geographical rules or guidelines?

Your advertisement will be terminated ASAP.

Does this rule apply for advertisement edits also?

Yes, this applies at all times for all advertisements.

Will a broker/agent really help to rent/let/lease my space or dwelling?

Yes, absolutely. Brokers/realtors/letting agents/property managers are licensed professionals who are qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced in the handling of leases. They do background checks of prospective renters and do all other necessary paperwork to complete the transaction. Further they have a big client base and massive contacts, and they can find the right renter for your space or dwelling. They also negotiate with renters on the terms and conditions of lease and coordinate every step of the leasing until completion.

Where can I find qualified brokers/agents?

You can find brokers/agents in the RLS Alliance broker directory and also from licensing governing agencies.

How can I find out their experience and credentials?

Read about them and review their past achievements. It is always a good idea to hire an experienced professional, and it is preferable, if possible, to hire a local agent, as they have knowledge of the local rental market.

Once I find a broker/agent what do I have to do?

Once you verify their licenses and other related information and you are satisfied, then you can talk with them about the rental or space listing agreement terms and conditions such type of listing, duration of listing, commission, etc.

What do I have to do once we agree on the terms and conditions of a listing contract?

Once you and the broker agree on the terms and conditions, write up a contract and all parties will sign. Keep a copy for your records.

What is the next step?

Once you and a broker/letting agent agree on the terms and conditions for the space or dwelling listing agreement, the broker will collect all information from you to prepare the marketing materials. They will also inspect the property and offer advice on necessary repairs and cosmetic changes for the space or dwelling.

What do I have to do once I know the market value or rents of the neighborhood?

It is best to talk with your agent and share what information you have to set up the rent or leasing terms.

When can the owner or broker or agent or realtor solicit the lease or rent of the space or dwelling?

As soon as you notify them of the rental criteria and requirements, the broker/agent starts marketing.

What are the best tools I/my broker can use to market my space or dwelling for lease?

The experts say three things:

  1. For written content, you add all features of your listed space or dwelling for lease or rent such as how the space or dwelling looks, the amenities, neighborhood features, and other valuable information.
  2. For images, you want to show the space, the view, and the area with the best quality pictures you can get.
  3. For video clips, show the premises; talk about the space;; and show important features, kitchen equipment, family area, and living area, bedrooms, and other areas etc. You can also use this tool to emphasize and highlight certain areas. Keep the space neat and clean and add as many marketing points as possible in the video clip.

What materials should I add in the marketing content on my RLS Alliance advertisement?

Experts say that you should give the salient features of the space or dwelling along with the highlights of the space or dwelling. When a prospective renter reads the material, the salient features of the space will attract them. This is a wonderful opportunity to convert prospects into tenants.

Can I include the monthly rental information and other relevant leasing information?

There is no rule about what to tell and what not to tell. But, in order to attract renters to your space or dwelling quickly, it is always desired to advertise your monthly rent and to reveal non-confidential leasing information. Please take the advice of a broker/agent/CPA/attorney.

What is meant by material and picture marketing?

It’s a good idea to tell about your space or dwelling including information about how the space looks, salient features of the space or dwelling, and other related information. For the intended renter who is looking to lease a space or dwelling, this could be the ideal place to read about your offering. Adding photos can increase your chance of getting renters’ attention. There is an adage, a picture is a worth a thousand words. You can greatly utilize this tool by posting your space or dwelling pictures, which gives a constant silent message to the tenant. The silent message is always running on the platform and that increases the chance that your space or dwelling will rent/let/lease safely and quickly.

What is meant by video marketing?

This is an amazing tool which connects people and makes your rental space or dwelling leasing transactions happen quickly. This high-end, effective tool makes a relationship with renters. In the experts’ view, a picture is worth a thousand words, an audio message is worth a million pictures, and a video is worth billions of words and pictures. RLS Alliance offers this tool to help you lease your space effectively, safely, and quickly. Most spaces or dwellings can be leased with this method in 1/10 of the time of regular methods. With this amazing tool you can talk about your space or dwelling, show your premises, and give your marketing presentation in multiple languages. This flawless tool helps you to rent/let/lease a space or dwelling faster than ever.

What is meant by market platform?

RLS Alliance brings all the available resources, such as brokers, letting agents, realtors, property managers into one community. This common platform gives community members an opportunity to see and exchange leasing, renting, real estate services, and other housing services, products, and offerings, etc. to develop our real estate and rental community.

What is the difference between local searches versus a general search?

There are a lot of spaces or dwelling portals available in the market which are unable to fulfill your desired goal, such as renting/letting/leasing your listed space or dwelling. Their vague and unwanted search results don’t show your sale advertisements, and if even if they do, it’s on the bottom of the page which never makes it to the user’s attention. On RLS Alliance, users can short list their space or dwelling needs and in all cases your advertisement will be among the first in your area.

What is the difference between the restrictions versus freedom advertisements?

Most portals charge huge amounts of money, but they put restrictions on marketing materials such as content, logos, photos, address, etc. For each change, you have to call them and the work has to be done by them. Here, you have freedom to access, edit, and add information by yourself. With RLS Alliance you have 24/7 access and you can add or delete your content or image files or video files without calling anyone. This is a user-friendly community portal giving you direct access to make all necessary changes 24/7. You can make changes as many times as you want at no extra cost.

How many photos can I upload and what file size can I upload for my advertisements?

Currently RLS Alliance offers four photos per space or dwelling lease advertisement. The max size of each file is 300 kb. The file types are jpeg/gif/png only.

Is it mandatory to upload photos?

It is not mandatory.

How many video clips I can upload and what file size can I upload for my advertisements?

Currently RLS Alliance offers only one video clip per advertisement with a max file size of 20 mb. Usually this covers anywhere between 45 to 60 seconds of recording.

What are the marketing things I need to add on the video?

This is a great opportunity talk about the space or dwelling, show the area, have a landlord/home owner/broker/property manager interview, and talk about the features of the space or dwelling. Show important areas of the space such as kitchen, family room, living room, bedrooms, and views, etc. You can also use this tool to emphasize certain important areas where you are strong and unique.

Is it mandatory to use the video tool?

It is not mandatory.

In video messages can I use my own language?

Yes, absolutely. You can use as many as languages as you wish.

Will RLS Alliance allow my website or logo and contact info to be posted?

Yes, you can post your website address and you can forward customers to your site where they can reach you directly if they wish.

How can I verify/monitor/track my advertisement?

You can just log in to your account and go to your advertisement and there you will see the views/history. Click on the tab and you will see the number of visitors, including the locations and time of view. This is real time data that you can access from anywhere, and with that data you can identify from where you are getting calls, hits, and mail.

How can I avoid fake renter or third-party calls?

This is very simple. Ask the contacting party to sign your confidentiality agreements and request a valid photo ID. You could also ask them to send an email request from RLS Alliance. The site will track the IP address of the sender and with that you will know whether the requester is true or fake. This can minimize fake calls.

What is the minimum time frame it takes to rent/let/lease a space/dwelling?

There is no minimum time frame to rent dwelling. Based on real estate rental research and analysis reports, the smallest time frame to lease a good space or dwelling is anywhere between five to thirty days depending on the area of space located.

What should I do once I put the space/dwelling on the market?

Once your space or dwelling is on the market you will get calls from various people such as renters, brokers, letting agents, etc. Ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement before releasing your space or dwelling information. If possible, pre-screen the renter to see whether they will qualify to buy the space or not.

Can I add my own NDA/CA?

Yes, you can add your own agreement. However, talk with your attorney and ask them to prepare a confidential agreement to protect you and your information.

What do I have to do when a renter signs an NDA and wants to visit the premises?

Set up a time to show the house or space. It is always good idea to show in normal business hours and also highly desirable to show in an adequate amount time.

What happens if the prospective renter likes the space or dwelling?

Check their necessary documents and do your own due diligence on the provided documents.

Can I impose the terms and conditions on my space or dwellings lease?

There is no law or restriction prohibiting doing so. This is solely at your discretion. Discuss with your attorney and they will guide you in what to add and what not to add.

What can I do in due diligence?

Verification of employer, rental history, credit score, and other relevant submitted information.

What is the next step if I am satisfied with the prospective credentials and verification reports?

Once you see that everything is okay, ask them to sign a lease with date of move in.

Should I take pictures of house and any other documents before giving keys?

Yes, it is always good idea to take pictures of the space in the presence of prospective renter, and ask them to fill out a visual inspection report. That documents the property condition at the time of move in.

How long do I have to keep these documents?

Talk with your legal agents who are familiar with rental statutory laws.

There are lots of disclosures and other legal forms on the site. Can I use them?

These are model forms for registered users to read which were prepared by our legal professionals. Our primary aim is to avoid misrepresentation and fraud and to protect all parties equally. Read the RLS Alliance terms and conditions before using any forms.

Do I need to pay any fee to use these forms?

No, these are absolutely free for RLS Alliance registered users.

Can I email my advertisement to my friends?

Yes, you can forward your advertisement to your friends as many times as you like.

Can I refer this site to my friends?

Absolutely, you can refer this site to anyone who may find it helpful.

I want to learn more about RLS Alliance’s services. How can I get more information?

Send us an email at with all of your questions and we will contact you.

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