Property Alert FAQ

What is RLS Alliance?

RLS Alliance is the best real estate portal available in the market. It connects home owners, renters, realtors, letting agents, and other real estate professionals.

Why should I use the RLS Alliance?

RLS Alliance is a highly secure and safe local real estate portal with the world’s best tools for marketing which help you to rent real estate and to get professional services from various real estate professionals such as brokers, realtors, home owners, property managers, letting agents, etc.

Who are the RLS Alliance members?

Home owners/sellers, real estate agents, brokers, property managers, real estate advisers, real estate lenders, financial advisers, real estate marketing personnel, and other real estate related professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in renting and letting real estate.

Do I need to register to use this RLS Alliance web services?

No, you do not need register with RLS Alliance to navigate the site. However, if you want to contact advertisers, receive alerts, updates, post requests, etc., then you have to register with RLS Alliance.

How can I activate after registration?

Once you register with RLS Alliance, we will send a confirmation link to your email address. Please click the link and your registration will be activated.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can send an email to RLS Alliance and we will send a password to your email address.

Is my registered information is secured?

Yes, your information is absolutely secure. We do not share your personal information with any third parties. However, if you do opt to receive information from third parties, they will contact you via the method you’ve chosen. Also, if you wish to receive other RLS Alliance offerings, those people involved will have access to your information. To know more about the privacy policy, advertisement policy, and other company policies, please read the policies, terms, and conditions of the website. If you have further questions, please email

What fees do I have to pay to post a property alert service?

Currently we offer a free service which is limited in functionality and you do not have to pay any fees for this basic service. However, if you want to use upgraded services, please read the “Advertise With Us” page. Also read the terms and conditions before using our services.

For what length of time can I post my property alert request?

You can post it for as long as you need to.

How long does it take RLS Alliance to activate my property alert request?

Usually we activate requests immediately. If you do not see your request, you can email our team and they will look into it immediately.

How do I renew my advertisement?

You can login and renew or you can sign up for the auto renew option to avoid service interruption.

Can I post more than one property alert request?

Yes, you can post more than one request.

Can I post more than one country property alert request?

Yes, you can post more than one country.

Can I edit my request property alert?

Yes you can edit your request 24/7.

Does my property alert request have to be approved by RLS Alliance?

Yes, all new and edited property alert requests have to be approved by RLS Alliance for the safety and benefit of the society.

Do all edits have to be approved by RLS Alliance?

Yes, all edits have to be approved by RLS Alliance for the safety and security of the community.

How can I deactivate or delete or remove my property alert request from the RLS Alliance portal?

You can log in to your RLS Alliance account and you can deactivate, delete, or remove your request 24/7.

How can I edit my property alert request material?

RLS Alliance proudly offers 24/7 access. You can log in to your RLS Alliance account and go to your home page and open your property alert list. In each property alert you can see an icon for editing. Just click that icon and edit whatever you want. You can change some or all of your information one time or as many times as you wish.

What will happen if I do not have an address or have an incomplete address and Google Earth shows the wrong place?

Google Earth will show the related map for whatever possible address you enter. However we have given an option to drag the map area in Google and select the right place. Our database will read the address based on your selected area. We send alerts based on your opted/saved places.

What should I do if RLS Alliance emails go to my spam folder?

Just log in to your email account, check the spam folder, and mark any RLS Alliance emails as “safe” or “not junk.”

How is RLS Alliance going to help me if I register under my property alerts?

Once we register your property alerts with RLS Alliance, RLS Alliance robots monitor or watch your property 24/7 and notify you of any changes to your registered place or property.

In what way do I benefit from using property alert services?

You want to secure your property/land. RLS Alliance sends email alerts for your registered property. You will be notified if any changes happen to your registered property.

Can I use this service for only the country where I reside or other countries also?

You can use this service anywhere in the world.

Is the service fee the same for all countries?

No, it varies from country to country. Please visit our advertisement page and find out the fees by country.

When is the right time to register and get a property alert service?

There is no right time or wrong time. Whenever you want to, you can register.

Can I refer this site to my friends?

Absolutely, you can refer this site to your friends who may find it helpful.

I got enough information, but I am interested in registering my property for property alert services. How can I get further information?

To know more about renting a space and other rental related questions you can read articles in our real estate resource area, or you can send us an email at with all of your questions and we will contact you.

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