Advertiser FAQ

What is RLS Alliance?

RLS Alliance is the best real estate portal available on the market. It connects home owners, renters, realtors, letting agents, and other real estate professionals with a community that needs property related services.

Why should I use RLS Alliance?

RLS Alliance is a highly secure and safe local real estate portal with the world’s best tools for marketing which help you generate leads, increase sales, give you market exposure, and helps you reach a desired targeted community. This is one of the best marketing platforms to promote your products and services.

Who are RLS Alliance members?

Home owners/sellers, buyers, real estate agents, brokers, property managers, real estate advisers, real estate lenders, financial advisers, real estate marketing personnel, and other real estate related professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in real estate business.

Do I need to register to use RLS Alliance web services?

No, you do not need register with RLS Alliance to navigate the site. However, if you want to contact advertisers or advertise/market your products and services, then you will need to register.

How can I activate my registration?

Once you register with RLS Alliance, RLS Alliance will send a confirmation link to your email address. Please click the link and your registration will be activated.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can email RLS Alliance and we will send a password to your email address.

Is my registered information secure?

Yes, your information is absolutely secure. We do not share your personal information with any third parties. However, if you do opt to receive information from third parties, they will contact you via the method you’ve chosen. Also, if you wish to receive other RLS Alliance offerings, those people involved will have access to your information. To know more about the privacy policy, advertisement policy, and other company policies, please read the policies, terms, and conditions of the website. If you have further questions, please email

What fees do I have to pay to post an advertisement?

Fees vary from advertisement to advertisement based on duration, advertisement features, and other services. Please read the advertisement page and also read the terms and conditions before using those services.

How long can my advertisement be posted?

You can advertise as long as you wish to.

How long does it take RLS Alliance to activate my advertisement?

Usually we activate immediately. If you do not see your advertisement in the active list, you can email our team and they will look into it immediately.

How do I renew my advertisement?

You can login and renew or you can sign up for the auto renew option to avoid service interruptions.

Can I post more than one advertisement?

Yes, you can post as many advertisements as you want.

Can I post advertisements in more than one country?

Yes, you can post advertisements for more than one country.

Can I edit my advertisement?

Yes, you can edit your advertisement 24/7.

Does my advertisement have to be approved by RLS Alliance?

Yes, all new advertisements and edits have to be approved by RLS Alliance for the safety and benefit of our community.

Do all edits have to be approved by RLS Alliance?

Yes, all edits have to be approved by RLS Alliance for the safety and security of the community.

How can I deactivate, delete, or remove my advertisement from the RLS Alliance portal?

You can log in to your RLS Alliance account and you can deactivate, delete, or remove your request 24/7.

How can I edit my advertisement?

RLS Alliance proudly offers 24/7 access. You can log in to your RLS Alliance account and go to your home page and open your posted advertisement list. In each advertisement you can see an icon for editing. Just click that icon and edit your information.

How many kinds of marketing advertisements can I place?

Currently we offer three kinds of advertisements: logo advertisement, text advertisement (scroll), and video advertisement.

What is logo advertisement?

With logo advertisement, your company logo will be placed on the user’s real estate or services video.

How does this help me?

We will hyperlink your logo so that users can visit your website directly. This is one of the best tools for lead generation and also an easy way to drive users to your website to view your products and services.

What is text advertisement?

Text advertisements are captions or content marketing. Your captions and other marketing materials will be placed on the user’s video so users can read about your services. Interested users can visit your website hyperlink. This is a good lead generator to increase your revenue.

What is a video advertisement?

This is the best marketing tool in the world and RLS Alliance proudly offers this tool to market your products. With this tool you can talk about your products and services in the best way to reach your targeted audience. This tool not only generates leads, but also increases sales.

What is meant by market platform?

RLS Alliance brings all the available resources and real estate professionals to one community. This common platform allows you to market your products and service to the community to your targeted audience.

What is the difference between local marketing and general marketing?

There are lots of advertisements everywhere we turn, but not all address our needs. Think about your advertisement going to uninterested customers. You are losing brand, and your advertisement money is wasted. RLS Alliance is a user friendly website that allows users to select their desired area of marketing, type of customers, and desired products. Targeted marketing can be challenging and we are offering solutions.

What is PPP advertisement?

In traditional advertisements, advertisers keep on paying without accountability. An advertisement may come at the wrong or undesired time and then all the money and effort is wasted. RLS Alliance is a transparent website that charges or bills only when advertisements are placed in your selected time and place. You can track all your placed advertisements. Your advertisement money is leveraged and maximized to increase your leads and sales.

What should I do if RLS Alliance emails go to my spam folder?

Just log in to your email account, check the spam folder, and mark any RLS Alliance emails as “safe” or “not junk.”

Can I use this service for countries other than the country in which I reside?

You can use this service anywhere in the world. You can market your products and service anywhere in the world.

Are service fees the same for all countries?

No, fees vary from country to country. Please visit our advertisement page to find out fees by country.

When is the right time to register and start marketing?

There is no right time or wrong time. Whenever you want, you can register.

Can I refer this site to my friends?

Absolutely, you can refer this site to anyone who may find it helpful.

I got enough information, but I am interested in registering and placing an advertisement, and I want to learn about other RLS Alliance services. How can I get further information?

To learn more about our PPC advertisement opportunities and other advertisement related services, you can read articles in our marketing resources or you can send an email to with all of your questions and we will contact you.

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