About Us

RLS Alliance is a premiere real estate website offering diversified online real estate products to our community. We are proud to introduce the best new features in the market to help countless families find homes and fulfill their real estate needs and dreams. Our outstanding group consists of industry leading professionals who add features to make the website user friendly” and needs oriented”.

Mission Statement:

RLS Alliance – is a real estate website, that listens to you. We practice a commitment to excellence and we endeavor to give each user personal attention. We use our experience with competent professionals to make our product the best.

Our Road Map:

  • To create “value and pride” in our community
  • To connect all to complete a “circle”
  • To fulfill your “real estate needs and dreams”
  • To build and grow relationship by relationship
  • To help you be “successful”


We understood you, we listen to you, and we work for you. Your objective is our task. Our commitment is to meet and fulfill all your real estate needs.


Our goal is always to offer the best real estate products and services to fulfill our global customer's dreams. We count every person in the community as our customer and want our product to be the best. Until we reach every customer on the globe, our job is not complete.

Experience with Us:

  • It happens so many times every day, every minute, and for every attempt: a client has a great experience with RLS Alliance.
  • Actions may happen one time or many times but each action has its own feeling and memory. All these come from your heart.
  • We make every action is memorable for you. Everything we do is built on trust. It doesn’t come with one visit or one day or one quarter. It’s earned relationship by relationship.


We believe in our vision and values of understating your real estate needs and dreams and we truly present the needs of the community and guide the community toward continued growth and success.

Our Philosophy:

  1. Preach before Teach
  2. Treat every one “equally and respectfully”
  3. Provide “the best”
  4. Your needs are our “tasks”
  5. Listen and understand “you”

Our Success Culture:

Our model is honest and ethical. We offer unrivaled transparency. We are a website that listens to you.


Our model is honest and ethical. We offer unrivaled transparency. We are a website that listens to you.


RLS Alliance is subsidiary of GCM Tech Solutions, a global leader for information and technology.


If you want to know more about us, or have any questions or comments, please email info@rlsalliance.com.

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